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From how to deal with a crisis to management styles, TYLC talks about it all. 

Rant, Rave, Jump up and Down- Do it safely!!

My Difficult Child is a place where parents of children aged 5-17 with difficult behaviours, disorders and mental ill-health. Can learn strategies and coping skills, be informed and gain knowledge on day to day life with our so very loved, yet difficult child/ren.

What we can do for you…

TYLC offers one on one coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, workshops, training, consulting services and more.

Topaz Youth

TYLC coaches encourage our young clients to grow and thrive through nuturing support ofself-mastery, self-advocacy, and self-determination. Our coaching interventions are designed to foster resilience, optimism, social/emotional competencies, and coping skills and mindfullness in the youth we serve.

Training and Consulting Services

TYLC Coaches and Consultants create a collaborative experience to suit your needs. Workshops are filled with real life experiences and anecdotes that share practical tips/techniques and others’ mistakes that you can learn from.

Topaz Leadership

TYLC coaches are committed to your success. Our coaches will support leaders of your organisation to identify and overcome the constraints that get in the way of producing the consistent and effective business results that bring about both customer and employee satisfaction. TYLC offers both individual and group coaching to suit your needs.

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